Friday, September 12, 2008

Shadow Stabbing #15: Quotation

This week on Shadow Stabbing I present two examples of how not to use quotations in your writing. Both are taken from Karl Weick's reflections on methodology, and I use the opportunity to engage with Weick's explicit defense of his way of quoting. As I was editing it, however, I noticed that my original critique of the second example probably isn't quite right, and next week, when I will take up the task of paraphrasing the quotations, I will add a bit more about what Weick might have been trying to do there.

I am quite happy with the editing of this video is general. I'm getting better at alternating between sample texts and the talking-head monologue (which is also a good way to edit out mistakes), and I like the look that is achieved by simply photographing the pages. Also, I hope you will agree that my on-screen manner, my YouTube persona, is coming along nicely too.


jw said...

Thomas, I do agree that both the editing and your on-screen persona are coming along nicely. Those first few were rough (in terms of production; the content was still very worthwhile), this "season" is a marked step up. Nice work.

On comment on this particular piece. I feel like you've articulated well your beef with this style of quotations, but I don't feel like you've equipped me to really resolve this in my own writing. OK, I don't really feel like I need to be equipped, but it somehow feels like you've gone to the effort to diagnose the problems without prescribing any concrete solutions. I'm all for pointing out flaws, but I also think that you miss an opportunity to teach by providing positive resolutions (I'm thinking particularly of Lanham's pedagogic technique here, which I use with all my FYW classes. His early-1980s video on the Paramedic Method is laughable in terms of production values but boy does it every stick in my students' heads. All those words disappearing is a very dramatic, visual, effective lesson).

Enough criticism. Regardless, I think your videos are useful and valuable. Watching a new "episode" is always a priority to me. Thanks.

Thomas Basbøll said...

Thanks for this. I completely agree with your call for solutions. One of the things that ended on the cutting room floor was my promise to show how I would have done it. All that is left of that promise the "part 1" under the title.

Next week I'll do some real-time editing. With lots of screen captures.

I'll try to find a copy of Lanham's video as well.