Monday, January 25, 2016

Taking a Rest from the Internet until Easter

This painting by Martinus Rørbye, which depicts a monastery near Sorrento, and which I first saw at the Nivaagaard Collection, where it remains (as far as I know), is one of my favorite paintings. It has an affinity to two other paintings, and it is illuminating to arrange them together. If I were a billionaire (or an art thief), I would make serious efforts to acquire it. I'm no expert, but I think it is an excellent composition. Beyond its objective beauty, I'm happy to let it say something about me, or at least about how I sometimes feel. I wish to emphasize that, its melancholy notwithstanding, it is an essentially good feeling.


Anonymous said...

Insert resurrection joke here.

Anonymous said...

Easter?? I just found your blog and I have to wait until Easter to join the current conversation?? I teach English at secondary level, I'm studying my masters, and this stuff is downright strange to read... in a very good way.

Thomas said...

Look on the bright side. You've got a few weeks to get up to speed. There's lots in the archives. (Thanks for the kind words, though your ways are strange.)