Wednesday, April 05, 2017


I have to regroup. Trying to explain what is wrong with higher education in the West today feels like banging one's head into a brick wall (the wall of the administration's offices, in most cases). I'm going to spend a few posts dreaming, imagining what college and university could be like. I'll start tomorrow.


Jonathan said...

It is not that bad from inside this environment, as you might think based on a few high-profile cases that get media attention. In context, a lot of those things can be of rather minor importance. It's too bad you can't come here and just observe and talk to people for a few weeks to get a more nuanced perspective.

I'm not saying that concern over the kind of issues that preoccupy you is not legitimate, but that it does not dominate daily or even weekly life. I say this as someone who has been in faculty governance, etc... and has long experience in academia, with political convictions tending left but also concerned with free speech issues and not very patient with extreme political correctness.

Thomas said...

I hope you're right, Jonathan.
Maybe I should do that.
I guess I am letting it dominate my daily life. It sometimes puzzles me, too, why I'm doing this.