Friday, May 30, 2008

School of Hard Knocks

I suddenly realized something. I started the "working weeks" regimen on January 14. By my count, that means I just finished my nineteenth week. I think that explains why I've been feeling low on energy lately. (My physical injury doesn't really count as a cause. I was already feeling worn out before it happened. Indeed, I think it would be best to say that actual injuries are normally effects, not causes, of work stress.)

I have been aiming for 16 working weeks. When that goal was reached, I should have stopped, reflected, and regrouped. I didn't. And sure enough, I started to wear myself down, finally breaking my collarbone in a stupid accident.

Having overshot the mark, the end was no longer in sight, i.e., up ahead, and I lost my focus. So that's another lesson I've learned. The hard way.

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