Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blogging Performance

Bob Sutton's reflections on his own blogging have inspired me to think about how things are going at RSL. Here's how they are going for him.

Typepad statistics indicate that Work Matters* has as of this moment 768 posts, 2863 comments (thank you!), an average of 822.60 page views per day (thank you), and a total of 1002748 lifetime page views.

By comparison, this blog gets about 55 pages views per day. I don't have statistics from my first post, but I installed a sitemeter when I started blogging regularly a few years ago (I don't actually remember when that was). So far I have yet to reach 20,000 page views.

There has been a steady increase in visits since I started the regular routine. I used to be happy to get 20. These days I'm a bit bummed to see it drop under 30. RSL remains a very modest project.

*A quick style note: Bob puts his blog's title (Work Matters) in italics (Work Matters). That would be my first impulse as well. But the Chicago Manual of Style says something else: "We put blog titles in roman type without quotation marks."

1 comment:

Peter J MELLALIEU said...

Keep going. It's really useful and interesting.


And I find you make the most extraordinary and unlikely connections - even if occasional!

Cheers from New Zealand.

I watch your topics on my iGoogle page daily.