Sunday, July 24, 2011

Progress Report 1

I've been working since 10:00 and have now completed ten paragraphs of roughly 200 words each (some are a good deal longer than that). I have a three-paragraph introduction, a two-paragraph conclusion, and a five-paragraph background section. Tomorrow I will write the theory section and the methdology section. I had planned to work on each paragraph for 30 minutes, but this appears to be a decadent luxury I don't need. 20 minutes is enough for the present purpose of writing a first draft. That means that I should be able to write ten paragraphs every 4-hour session (taking some breaks along the way).

I'm going to have lunch now, and then do some leisure reading. (When I go back to work tomorrow, I've got meetings and administration to see to in the afternoons after my writing sessions.) Then I'm going to go for a jog (I plan to take a short jog every afternoon this week to see how that feels.)

Hemingway said he always lived a "hell of healthy life" for the first few hours every day (which is when he also did his writing). After the jog, I expect to do some less healthy things but nonetheless to get to bed early enough to begin my writing session at 7:00.

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