Monday, July 25, 2011

Progress Report 2

Not quite the productive morning I had imagined. I started at 8:00 and have now been working (at times too vaguely) for three and a half hours. I've taken breaks to play the piano, shower, make coffee, and even read a little. I've written ten paragraphs (as planned) but only 1650 words (a bit less than the 2000 I had expected.) Some of the paragraphs are in very rough shape.

Tomorrow I'll start at 8:00 again, sticking to my plan by proceeding to the first two sections of my "results", i.e., factual descriptions of my work as a writing consultant. But I'm going to divide the morning into two 90 minute sessions. Each of which is to produce five paragraphs of prose, roughly 20 minutes at a time. I'll take 30 minutes after each section to reflect a little, probably reading a little more Foucault and Heidegger to nurse today's wounds (I felt I lacked precision mainly in regard to their work). I'll also spend part of the last 30 minutes tomorrow writing a post like this one.

Also, I found myself dissipating a little last night, surfing the internet, listening to music, getting to bed a bit later than I perhaps should have. I'm going to try to a be a bit more focused tonight so that I have more strength in the morning.

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